Chipotle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chipotle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Made from Texas grown and produced extra virgin olive oil infused with chipotle peppers, our oil presents a perfect balance of chipotle’s characteristic earthy spiciness and bold smoky flavor. A Tex-Mex lovers dream!

Add a little or a lot to your favorite queso, bean dip, barbecue sauce, or chili con carne to give it that perfect smoky-spicy kick! Or better yet, marinate any meat of your choice — steaks, ribs, buffalo wings, chicken, fajitas — to infuse them with delicious South of the Border flavor. Pairs well with Peach Infused White Balsamic Vinegar for an unexpectedly delicious sweet-spicy marinade or salad dressing.

Spice notes: the heat balance is up to you — add a little for a mild kick, or more for increased heat. While Texas Chipotle Olive Oil is a little spicy, its depth of flavor is time and again a go-to favorite of many of our customers, even those who are heat-sensitive. Experiment and find your right balance of flavor and Texas heat.


250 ml.